Such a slacker….

….I am! I have taken the last few nights of cooking off. We had dinner at a friend’s one night, then I ate out and cheated with tomato soup and grilled cheese for my family, then we all ate out tonight! The whole point of this blog was to discipline myself into actually starting something and then finishing it. (What a novel idea I know!) I will get back on the ball tomorrow.

On a completely different topic (but I guess not really since it was the reason we ate out tonight) I am learning how to dehydrate meat in an oven in order to take it camping and eating it in the woods. I am quite interested in finding out what else it’s used for other than spaghetti. The meat log was 10 pounds and I know I saw at least 5 come out of the meeting the other night = a lot of dehydrated ground beef! (Scouts, camping, 10 days, we’ll save that for another blog on another day). So the reason for eating out tonight? 4 trays of ground beef in my oven for a total dehydrating time of 6 hours.

Maybe my next 2 weeks project can be to find out what can be dehydrated and how long it’ll stay good for? (Or maybe not…)

As a side note, my phone died, the software malfunctioned and I lost all of my pictures. So, no dinner pictures from the other day. I will have to try again tomorrow.


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