My 2 Weeks Of Pinterest Recipes

So, here is my first 2 week challenge. Make dinner every night for the next 2 weeks from recipes on Pinterest. Why? Well, first of all, why not? Second of all, there are so many recipes out there today at your disposal without ever needing a cook book. So, how do you choose what to make? How do you choose what will be good or not? Who better to ask then your peers! I will try to keep it to just pins from my friends, but if they don’t have enough I will venture out.

My first attempt was tonight. I made the following recipe, repinned from a friend of mine.

When I went shopping for this recipe, I couldn’t find flat iron steaks at my grocery store. The butcher told me to use flank steak instead. It ended up being a bit more grisly than I would have liked, but we can’t blame that on the recipe! My husband however, got a good piece and loved it. I paired it up with fresh green beans sauteed in butter and sesame oil, salt and pepper with some plain brown rice and soy sauce.

I was unable to cook it on the grill as recommended in the recipe. We are searching for a new grill as we speak. Hopefully that will happen very soon! Instead, I cooked it in the bottom of the oven on broil, 7 minutes on each side. My husband thought I overcooked it (as I often do with my meat) but once he sliced it open, was happy to discover it was still pink and tender.

Tonight I can only give the opinions of my husband and oldest son because my younger two ate pizza and wings at a birthday party. My husband cleaned his plate, and my son got seconds. I took a smaller slice of steak after I had a hard time with my original one and was impressed. The flavor worked really well.

For my first night of a Pinterest recipe, I would definitely recommend repinning this one!


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